Super Talent Intros Storage POD Mini USB 3.0 External SSD

On Friday Super Talent said it will change how consumers “think about external storage” with the launch of its Storage POD Mini, a portable SSD with a USB 3.0 connector. The device seems to be a smaller version of the company’s current USB 3.0-based SSD, the Storage POD external drive, which measures 129 x 81 x 15-mm — the new “Mini” model measures a smaller 110 x 68 x 10-mm.

“Thanks to USB 3.0 and SSD technologies, it is now possible to create a USB storage solution that is smaller, lighter and more rugged than a traditional HDD,” the company said. “A blue anodized, all-aluminum enclosure enables this drive to be both lightweight and rugged. It fits easily in your pocket and requires no power adapter. It’s the perfect traveling companion.”

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