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Apacer began building system memory in 1997. Many of its original products were destined for OEM and ODM markets, so you probably owned them even without knowing it. The company was at the forefront of building SSDs for industry customers before the consumer SSD market even formed. In recent years, Apacer has shipped SSDs over the APAC region, but now the company is ready to tackle the most congested SSD market in the world.

For the most part, the Apacer Z280 is a cookie cutter Phison PS5007-E7 M.2 2280 drive that uses the reference design and off-the-shelf firmware like some of the other products we’ve tested. From a reviewers point of view, the Z280 isn’t all that exciting. We have several SSDs with matching specifications and abilities. It’s not until you find the drive on Newegg with a low price point that the numbers start to come together. Surprisingly, the Z280 sells for TLC prices, but it uses Toshiba 15nm MLC flash.

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