Fujitsu Targets 2019 for NRAM Mass Production

Having acquired the license to produce Nantero’s NRAM (Nano-RAM) back in 2016, Fujitsu finally put the pedal to the medal to begin mass production next year.

While other companies are fighting over modern non-volatile memory solutions such as 3D XPoint or NVDIMM, Japanese giant Fujitsu has its eye set on NRAM instead. Developed by U.S.-based nanotechnology company Nantero Inc., NRAM is a next-generation non-volatile RAM solution, whose ambition is to replace the traditional DRAM employed in memory and storage products. Nantero’s NRAM is built from the bottom up with carbon nanotubes that are 50 times stronger than steel, half the density of aluminum, and 1/50,000th the diameter of a human hair.

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