NVMe 2.0 Brings Support for PCIe-Connected Hard Disk Drives

The new NVM Express 2.0 (NVMe 2.0) Protocol has been released. While the thrust of the protocol focuses on flash storage and networking, the latest additions include full-blown support for hard disk drives (HDDs).

The addition of hard drive support is one of the biggest changes coming to NVMe 2.0 and something most people will be surprised to see, as current 7200-RPM hard drives cannot fully saturate current SATA 3.0 connections. However, like other forms of tech, hard drives are evolving, which might eventually require a bandwidth upgrade beyond SATA 3.0 speeds. For instance, Seagate announced two weeks ago that it’s Mach.2 hard drives can reach up to 524MB/s, a speed previously only capable with SSDs.

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