Intel: 3.2TB Optane SSD P5800X Due This Year

Intel’s Optane SSD P5800X introduction late last year included four models with different capacities. So far, the company has brought the 400GB, 800GB, and 1.6TB SKUs to market, but the flagship 3.2TB model still isn’t available and Intel recently removed the product listing from its website. That is a bit surprising because Intel recently reaffirmed its commitment to the data center lineup after it killed off its entire line of Optane drives for desktop PCs. 

There appears to be some confusion among Intel’s own ranks, too, as a report has surfaced that cites the company saying it is unsure if the 3.2TB model will see the light of day. However, after our own inquiries, the company tells us the drive is still on track for release this year.  

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