Samsung Preps PCIe 4.0 and 5.0 SSDs With 176-Layer V-NAND

Samsung introduced the first mass-produced 3D NAND memory, dubbed V-NAND, in 2013, well ahead of its rivals. Samsung started with 24-layer V-NAND chips back then, and now having gained plenty of experience with multi-layer flash memory, it is on track to introduce 176-Layer V-NAND devices. But that’s only the beginning —Samsung says it envisions V-NAND chips with more than 1,000 layers in the future.

176-Layer V NAND on Track for This Year, PCIe 5.0 Coming

Samsung intends to begin producing consumer SSDs powered by its seventh-gen V-NAND memory that features 176 layers and, according to the company, the industry’s smallest NAND memory cells. This new flash’s interface boasts a 2000 MT/s data transfer rate, allowing Samsung to build ultra-fast SSDs with PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0 interfaces. The drives will use an all-new controller ‘optimized for multitasking huge workloads,’ so expect a 980 Pro successor that demonstrates strong performance in workstation applications.

Over time, Samsung will introduce data center-grade SSDs based on its 176-Layer V-NAND memory. It’s logical to expect the new drives to feature enhanced performance and higher capacities.

First 200+ Layer V-NAND Chips Produced, 1,000+ Layer V-NAND Devices Envisioned

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