Dell: Latest CUDA Core Error Was Just a Typo

A typo on Dell’s page helping shoppers choose specs for its G15 gaming laptop caused a controversy yesterday, marking the second issue in the company’s CUDA core counts in a week. The typo has been fixed.

“We can verify that all CUDA cores in Dell G Series systems have been validated and accounted for,” Dell told Tom’s Hardware in a statement. “This error was simply a typo on the product page, which has been corrected.”

The issue stemmed from a chart claiming its Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 offered 3,584 CUDA cores rather than the 3,850 that Nvidia claims. It was first brought up by Jarrod’s Tech on Twitter, who was tipped off by a viewer. Notebookcheck also ran with the story, suggesting that it may be a deliberate adjustment. Both, however, later backtracked (Notebookcheck via an update to the story today) and suggested that 3,584 could just be a typo. Neither had the laptop on-hand to check (nor did Tom’s Hardware). 

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